Our services


The vast majority of our fees are results / performance related and based on a percentage of the uplift.


WWA offers a range of services including Growth projects, Turnaround & Rescue, Access to Finance, Mentoring, Advisory, NED and for overseas clients, Access to the UK&I markets.  The Focus is on driving top-line sales and increasing profits and cash.  The methodologies and approach to every situation are pragmatic "Make it happen".

Growth & Development Projects


Many companies may have plateaued or perhaps have begun to slide, so getting to the next level, you will likely need a wider set of resources than the business can afford on a permanent basis to achieve these aims.


WWA works with business owners to implement a range of specific results based strategies with the aim to significantly increase your sales within a 12 to 24 month period and to improve your profits.


It is a hands-on active process requiring your involvement and that of your management team to take your company to the next level.  But with positive growth comes energy and enthusiasm, the support of your team plus security for all.

Talk, share, and make decisions in open channels across your team, in private groups for sensitive matters, or use direct messages one-to-one.

Turnaround & Rescue


For companies who are worried they are heading towards trouble, we can help.  Fast action is required and we can help.


Most of us know 80% of companies fail in their first 5 years and that rises to 96% by year 10.


If you are worried you maybe heading towards trouble, WWA can help.  Fast action is required, we will assess the situation immediately and move quickly to find cash and to deal with any and all urgent challenges.


We work to support the management to return the business back to health.

In the first 3 months we aim for 20% to 25% improvement and to double your sales within the coming 12 to 24 months.

We focus on sales generation preferring to find positive solutions, reviewing strategy and aligning resources to revenue generating actions.


This situation will most likely be unfamiliar territory for you and there maybe some tough decisions, it can be a bumpy ride, but we are here to support and guide you through these challenges both the personal stresses and the practical business issues.


Selling into the UK and Ireland


For overseas companies wanting to sell into the UK and Irish markets WWA offers an ‘Access the UK’ serviced package and practical commercial experience 


Click here to view brochure Accessing UK & Ireland Market


Overseas companies wanting to sell into the UK and Ireland markets, we offer a system of modules through to a fully serviced package and practical experience.  Our roots are working with overseas companies managing their UK subsidiary companies and around half of our clients are overseas companies.


We have pulled together a packaged offering utilizing our network – You decide which parts match what you want to achieve, from simple sales representation, strategy formulation, logistics through to offices, company set-up, accountancy, payroll, tax planning, employment law plus all the usual commercials and corporate matters.


Contact us today to explore how you can open up this major market or if you are already here, speak with us to assess if you can do it better.


Access to finance


On occasion clients maybe looking for outside funding and WWA can help.  Finding the right support in every way is critical, the right type of finance the right investor, etc.  You will need to pitch your case in the right way, and present it to the right people.  We can help you to formulate your strategy, write the Business Plan, get your business in shape and create your pitch and presentation.


Equally where funding has been supplied it is reassuring for both the company and those supplying the funding to know that serious and rapid focus is being applied to increasing sales and profits.



If you are a current client of WWA this is all part of the service.  All of us at some point have wanted to be introduced to the right person, contact or company.  WWA has brokered many introductions of this type resulting in many thousands of pounds of transaction.  We don’t know everyone of course but we are well connected and have a network of well-connected associates.

For straight-forward introductions if you are the receiving company then this service is free, it is the party who raises the invoice(s) who pays.


Non Executive Director Service


WWA has formed a collaboration with NXD to bring the benefits of Non-Executive Directors to small and medium sized businesses.  It also offers a platform, training and opportunities to business owners and professionals who wish to launch a portfolio career. See Non Executive Director page for more details