The UK is the fifth largest economy in the world and is therefore very attractive.  This also means it is very competitive and nearly all the players are already here.


You will likely be very successful in your home markets and will be excited to achieve similar results in the UK.  Many companies before you have made the naïve assumption that they can easily replicate their home market success here in the UK, only to find it is a costly struggle with little to zero result.  You need to work with a UK partner to show you the way.  WWA has worked with many overseas companies to ensure a smoother, speedier and less expensive journey to positive results and ROI.


For overseas companies wanting to sell into the UK and Ireland markets, we offer a system of modules through to a fully serviced package and practical experience.  Our roots are working with overseas companies managing their UK subsidiary companies and around half of our clients are overseas companies.


We have pulled together a packaged offering utilising our network, you decide which parts match what you want to achieve, from simple sales representation, strategy formulation, logistics through to offices, company set-up, accountancy, payroll, tax planning, employment law plus all the usual commercials and corporate matters.

Contact us today to explore how you can open up this major market or if you are already here, speak with us to assess if you can do it better.


WWA has helped many overseas companies access the UK market.  You are coming to the UK to expand your business and make money, not to be distracted and burdened by the legislation and practicalities of setting up in a foreign country.


Is this you?


You may be unfamiliar with the UK market and competitors in your sector.


You may plan to relocate a member of staff to the UK who is knowledgeable about your company but not experienced in setting up new territories and needs guidance and support.


Your representatives may not be sufficiently fluent or confident to make introductory calls or negotiate business in English and would benefit from having a UK native attend meetings alongside them.


You may not want to risk the high cost and risk of relocating a member of staff but instead “test the water” by using our services to see the UK market really does have an appetite and offer potential for your particular service or product.


You or your representatives may not have the time or know how about where to go for the practical aspects of setting up and doing business in the UK.


Where do you go for help and advice?


Many companies coming to the UK end up replying on a list of advisers sent to them by the chamber of commerce or trade association.  Some may appear to be a good option but our experience is that they can often distract you from the main objective - to generate sales and profits - and are unnecessarily expensive.  In many cases they are simply not appropriate for your actual needs.


Where we differ.... and you benefit


We carry out all same services and more ..... but at a much more competitive rate to match your actual needs and budget.  For specialist areas, such as employment law, banking and accountancy, we have wide network of experts.


WWA can, for example, help with ...


  • Analysis of the market place
  • Developing a well thought out strategy to gain sales and market share and establish your brand in the UK & I
  • Access to business networks and opportunities
  • Sales process - lead generation through to conversion
  • Marketing
  • Meetings and negotiations (Sales and other business aspects)
  • Corporate Issues and Governance and company set up
  • Employment
  • Checking English translations


And the practicalities ...


  • Registering your company in the UK
  • Advice and sourcing the right UK office space to suit your location, needs and budget
  • Setting up a UK bank account
  • Setting up a UK telephone number and answering services
  • VAT advice


After working for a number of years helping Portuguese companies to break into the UK market, we are excited to be associated with the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in the UK


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