WWA has recently formed a collaboration with NXD, a membership organisation dedicated to adding value to small and medium sized businesses (SMEs)  by injecting top quality, relevant skills and experience.  It also helps previous business leaders recycle their skills and experience back into the business world by providing training , opportunities and a platform to launch a portfolio career.


If you are thinking of appointing a NED or wish to launch a portfolio career we would like to hear from you jennys@nxd.co

Non Executive Director service - NXD collaboration


Adding a NED to your management team as an SME can truly enhance the performance of your company.  It is not just the preserve of large listed companies.


Our mission is to support SME's to be the best they can, to have sustainable growth and profit generation and everything we do is aimed at achieving this goal.


Some of the benefits a NED may bring include:

  • Appointing a non-executive director can bring considerable business experience and usually commercial introductions
  • You already know how to run your business and the sector in which you operate, a NED brings fresh ideas and input that adds value to make a difference. They can also provide, where desired, specialist knowledge in an area that may not be your background for example finance, HR, marketing etc.
  • Appointing a non-executive director can be a fast-track to credibility, illustrating you as a serious player and making you particularly attractive to stakeholders and investors
  • The neutrality of a NED can also be helpful as a sounding board
  • Maximise the effectiveness of the Board
  • A NED is a big asset if you're keen to get investors to open their wallets or if you are leading up to a sale, acquisition, disposal or succession planning.